Acting Performances of All-Time

The Amazing Acting Performances by The Famous Arab Actor

Issam Akel
2 min readOct 2, 2021
Issam Akel during an acting shoot: Photo credit by

Los Angeles Fight Choreography — 2018

Shot in LA, directed by: Vlad Rimburg — Fight Choreographer Travis Wong — Fight Choreographer

Parkour Film Chase Scene

This was shot With a very shy budget. Not the best but considering the conservative budget, I’m very pleased with it. Imagine the outcome if extra was thrown at this…Better lighting, a more interesting location, better colour grading software, more background actors, etc..

Self-Tape Audition — Role for a 12th Century

Auditioning for the role of the nephew of #salahuddin in the 12th century. By no means is memorizing a script an easy task.

Tom cruise: My remake of Jerry Maguire & Collateral for Mission impossible 7

21 years, 6 Mission Impossible Films apart since I first dreamed of working in Hollywood back in 1999 in Atlanta. But never had an opportunity so hope that could change for MI 7 / 8. Remake of some of the greatest performances I have ever seen. Plz reshare as I hope Tom Cruise could see this. Everyone has the right to Dream.

King Kong: Training Day Replicate Scene / Denzel Washington

Training Day Replicate Scene: Great love & appreciation for films with particular love to this famous scene in Training Day. Replicating this scene to challenge me.

Vigilante Last Battle — Sam Akeel Action Reel

Action reel shot in LA with some of the most talented stuntmen in the industry including Netflix Daredevil’s stunt double Chris Brewster -directed by Mr Mike Chat of XMA(Xtreme Martial Arts).

Trailer Fight Short — Dubai

A short Trailer Fight Scene was created in Dubai. Story Behind the Video: I enjoy the process of coming up with content that carries challenges with it, otherwise I’m not thrilled. Being low budget, shooting on the trailer was tricky & slightly dangerous. So we had to improvise and find ways around that. Creating the fight choreography was really interesting.

Rambo 1 Prison Break 007: Die Another Day

Die another day inspired film acting scene: We are trying to make a genuine evaluation. ‘WRONGLY ACCUSED’ is a short inspired by Rambo 1, Prison Break & Die Another Day produced with a mere budget of $1000

Scarred Official Trailer HD

A Trailer of an Upcoming Short Film about a man channelling his struggles in underground fights.



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