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Issam Akel
2 min readOct 6, 2021

Issam Akel is an award-winner Filmmaker, who has worked with brands all of his entire life, since 2016 he’s pursuing his passion in Film & Acting, Stunts & Fitness, and Content Creation.

Renault MeganeGT Parkour Commercial

Renault MeganeGT Parkour Commercial by Issam Akel

Sports Car Commercial Story

BMW 430i Convertible 2019 Commercial Story

Fitness / Sports Car Commercial Story by Sam Akel & Seena Akbari

5 Years Journey between Creativity & Madness worth a Lifetime

5 Years Split between Creativity & a touch of Madness to become your norm.

A journey around 5 countries attending stunts bootcamps, shooting short videos, creating my own shorts, learning Parkour at the age of 38 & winning 3 festival awards in 2020.

FPV Drone Testing in the Desert

Filming in the desert with a drone: Journey started at 5 am to the desert experimenting with multiple drones including an FPV just for fun. A short cinematic video of this experience will be out soon.

Such A great experience but now we are working on creating a cool story to shoot with an FPV.

Paramotor Experience in Dubai

Was invited to try Paramotor by a guest from my video podcast TALKABOUT with Issam Akel.

I never tried skydiving yet but this was insane! The pilot was also one crazy yet fantastic guy

Flying through Jebel Jais new Zipline Tour

Creating content for JebelJais for their new Zipline Tour that recently opened. An unforgettable experience away from city life.

2020 BMW 840 Convertible

Entitled to Dream — 2020 BMW 840 Convertible

We are all entitled to Dream, so Let’s Dream Big.

Sports Earbuds

One of the best earbuds in the market: Sometimes I need to get into my zone when I’m training, so I got the best sports earbuds on the market that works best for me.

Fitness Audition / Training on a Drone

Enjoy fitness training on a drone adventure in the desert.

A wonderful early morning training experience in the desert shot with a drone.

Zoning Out in Fitness & Running

Zoning Out in Fitness & Running — Cinematic Video Sony Earbuds

Running & Fitness Motivation: Zoning out running and fitness



Issam Akel

Award-Winning Filmmaker — Director of Action Short Films — I am an Actor, a Fitness coach, for more: